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Exceptional and temporary discount on vouchers, up to -15%

This period of relative confinement generated by the Coronavirus, having had the almost immediate effect to interrupt all commercial activities, is particularly difficult for shops and small businesses to face. Your support is more precious to us than ever to get through this period.

If you plan to order us made to measure shirts or suits in the coming months, we offer you to take advantage up to 15% discount by ordering a Monogramme voucher today. This way, you will help us to keep some commercial activity while this health crisis has passed. You can of course also offer a voucher to one of your loved ones.

CHF 50 voucher : -6% = 47.-
 100 voucher  : -10% = 90.-
 500 voucher  : -15% = 425.-

Simply specify the desired value in the field below.

We will send you a voucher in PDF format, by email, with an invoice in attachment, for ebanking payment, including the proposed discount. As easy as it.


Thank you for your precious support.

Take care of yourself.

Surprise your surroundings in an original and personalized way!


Introduce Monogramme to your friends by offering them a Monogramme gift voucher, the value you want.


What's more original and personalized than a tailor-made garment to surprise people who are close to you.


First create the emotion when you offer your voucher, this emotion then continues during the creation of the garment, then to its delivery ... and finally, whenever it will be worn!


For sure, a tailor-made garment is a gift that will remain engraved in the memories.

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